5 Ways to Decorate Your Home with Real Plants

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Holiday Cyclamen

This holiday season, bring good tidings of great joy to your home with real plants! At Star Nursery, you can find everything you need to decorate your home for the season, including real Christmas trees, poinsettias, wreaths, garlands, and more…

Finding the perfect Christmas Tree

1. Real Christmas Trees

The long anticipated time of year is finally here! For many families, heading to the Christmas tree farm and picking out the perfect tree is a special family tradition that everyone can look forward to. Whether you’re young or old, this yearly tradition is sure to fill your heart with joy and holiday cheer!

For kids, finding the perfect tree is a magical experience; and at Star Nursery, we take the extra step to ensure that the event is special for all members of the family. When you enter our Christmas tree farm, we guarantee the Star difference. It all starts with our trees, which are grown from seed and cared for by generations of Christmas tree growers. We source our trees from growers with the highest quality, to ensure that your family can choose from a beautiful selection each year.

Choose from three varieties!

The Classic Douglas Fir “Most Fragrant”

Noble Fir “The Sturdy Standard”

Nordmann Fir “Simply Elegant”

Nordmann Fir Christmas Tree

Once your family has picked the perfect Christmas tree, our team members will make a fresh cut at the bottom of your tree and trim up any bottom branches that you would like removed. It might not be apparent, but a fresh cut on your tree will ensure that water is continually absorbed throughout the season. Remember to refill your tree stand each day to keep your tree looking fresh!

When it’s time to take your tree home, our team will wrap the tree in a protective tree bag to preserve needle drop during transport! Once you get home, untie the bag from the top and leave it wrapped around the base of the tree. At the end of the season, this bag allows for easy clean-up, since you can re-bag it to carry it out of the home with no mess! If you arrive to our tree farm and find that your vehicle is not suitable for bringing a Christmas tree home, we also offer a tree delivery service!

2. Florist Quality Poinsettias

After picking your family’s perfect Christmas tree, don’t forget to add holiday accents to your home and garden to bring additional holiday cheer! One of the most popular indoor plants this time of year are poinsettias, since they flower during the holiday season and are nicknamed “Flor de la Noche Buena” from an old Mexican legend, meaning “Flower of the Holy Night.” Although red poinsettias are a staple in holiday décor, you can also choose from many other color varieties including white, pink, ice punch, country quilt, and premium Picasso!

As a member of the Euphorbia genus, poinsettias are easy to grow indoors and tolerate low-light growing conditions. The easiest way to keep your poinsettia healthy is to use a moisture meter, since they prefer soil that is perfectly moist. It can be easy to overwater or underwater, but using a meter can ensure that your poinsettia is healthy throughout the holiday season.

Red Poinsettia

3. Christmas Cactus

Another great seasonal indoor plant is the Christmas Cactus, which got its name because of its famous, colorful blooms during the Christmas season. Unlike other cacti varieties, the Christmas Cactus originates from tropical areas, meaning it thrives in warm temperatures and high humidity. These plants require very little water, so use of a moisture meter is highly recommended!

Christmas Cactus

4. Wreaths & Garlands

To add the finishing touches to your holiday home décor, be sure to incorporate wreaths and garlands. Our lush Noble Fir Wreaths have an attractive blue cast and fresh evergreen fragrance. Similarly, our Red Cedar Garlands also have a wonderful fragrance and are perfect to adorn your home with natural beauty.

Holiday Wreath

5. Seasonal Outdoor Color

Once your home is filled with holiday decorations, be sure to spruce up your porch or landscape area with seasonal winter color! Cyclamen are an attractive perennial, but are considered an annual in our desert climate. Ranging in a variety of colors, these profuse bloomers are sure to brighten up your winter landscape! These beauties grow best in shady areas of your yard or in a decorative pot on your porch. On the other hand, pansies make a great bedding plant. Because they are famous for their large, showy faces, they are perfect for use in borders, masses, or other containers.

Winter Cyclamen and Pansies